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Healthy. Tasty. Convenient.

Now Offering:


  • Convenient meal delivery options in Vancouver, BC

  • No prep work required - just throw our meals in the oven

  • Refined flavors and hearty portions

  • Combination of high-end cooking techniques and down-home comfort

  • Rotational menu for variety each week

​At Knife and Nettles, we make it easy for you to enjoy delicious meals without the hassle of cooking. Our meal delivery options in Vancouver, BC offer a variety of refined flavors and hearty portions, all made with high-end cooking techniques and a touch of down-home comfort. Plus, our rotational menu ensures that you and your family can enjoy a new variety of meals each week. Contact us to learn more.

Fall Harvest Salad from Knife and Nettles Catering


to all Dietary Needs.

Inspired by the Changing

of Seasons.

Looking for affordable, delicious vegetarian meals delivered straight to your door? Look no further than Knife and Nettles, a boutique catering company based in Vancouver, BC.


Our weekly home-cooked meal delivery service offers rotating menus and a passion for food that shines through in every dish. With a commitment to sustainability and a focus on plant-based options, we believe that our vegetarian meals are the healthy and earth-friendly choice.


Contact us today to learn more about our affordable meal delivery options in Vancouver, BC. Meal delivery service areas >

At Knife & Nettles, we're a husband and wife team that complements each other perfectly. Mike is a Red Seal Chef and Nancy is the customer service wizard.


Together, we excel at taking care of both the kitchen and the customer to the highest level, which has contributed to our success as a boutique catering company in Vancouver, BC.


As vegetarians, we understand the importance of providing tasty and comforting plant-based options without sacrificing flavor or quality.


Contact us to learn more about our vegetarian catering and meal delivery services.

Mexican Street Corn, Elevated Comfort Fo

Better than home made and delivered right to my door! Ample serving sizes - delicious meals and fast friendly service. Very reasonably priced. The zucchini fritters were crave-worthy! Thank you Knife and Nettles!

-  Marsha G.


At Knife & Nettles, we believe in the importance of using fresh ingredients. That's why we hand-select our ingredients and avoid purchasing from big box suppliers.


Our team takes care of every step of the process, from sourcing and prepping to delivery, to ensure that you receive the freshest possible meals at your door or event.


At Knife & Nettles, we understand the value of supporting local businesses. Not only does it provide environmental and economic benefits to our community, but it also ensures that we have access to the freshest ingredients.


Our team takes the time to visit local farmers and design menus based on what's in season. We are committed to supporting local producers and businesses as much as possible and strive to incorporate their products into our catering and meal delivery services in Vancouver, BC.


At Knife & Nettles, we are committed to bringing healthy, elevated flavors to our dishes. We incorporate healthy oils, seeds, superfoods, and antioxidant-rich ingredients to create delicious meals that are good for you.


Whether you are looking for catering for a special event or healthy meal delivery options in Vancouver, BC, we believe that healthy foods can be both delicious and nourishing.


Contact us to learn more about our healthy and flavorful catering and meal delivery options.










"...That was the best veggie lasagna I have ever had, and those power cookies were totally packed with good and yummy ingredients...Worth the money. I highly suggest that you place an order for ready to eat meals."

—  Rachel H.

Looking for a Unique Experience?

Looking for a unique dining experience in the comfort of your own home? Look no further than Knife and Nettles. We are excited to bring private dining experiences right to your door in Vancouver, BC.


Whether you're planning an unforgettable date night or a fun small-group evening, we have the culinary expertise and personalized service to make it a memorable occasion. Contact us to learn more about our private dining options and let us help you plan an unforgettable evening.

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