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Chef Mike cooking in a kitchen.


Knife & Nettles Catering 

It all started one Christmas, back when I was in Grade 5.

I got my first cookbook and a wok.


I was hooked on cooking from that day forward.

Image of nettles by Paul Morley

As a Red Seal Chef with over 20 years of experience in the Vancouver restaurant industry, I've learned a lot of cutting-edge techniques and worked in some of the best kitchens around. However, after a while, I started to lose my passion for cooking. I felt removed from the people enjoying the food and I was no longer able to be creative and share my passion with others.

That's when I decided to take a job at a catering company. Working in catering allowed me to be creative and interact with customers, which is what I was missing. My passion for cooking was rekindled, and I knew that catering and providing intimate dining experiences would allow me to share my passion with others.

Chef Mike picking fresh tomatoes for his farm-to-fresh meals that he delivers to Vancouver communities.

Being outdoors

amongst the mushrooms

is my happy place.

- Mike Horan, Chef & Owner

Knife & Nettles Catering

That's how Knife & Nettles Catering was born. As a husband and wife team, Nancy (a talented pastry chef) and I bring together savory and sweet to create memorable meals for our customers.

Catering events and private dining experiences has allowed me to create the food that I am passionate about – taking classic comfort foods from my childhood and twisting them into elevated dishes from my years of experience in the industry.


We believe that fine dining doesn't have to be pretentious; it should be approachable and fun. We love creating great food and providing interactive, memorable experiences for our guests.

Image of nettles by Paul Morley

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we had to make a major pivot in our company. As a result, we started offering meal delivery services. This new venture not only fulfilled us, but it also allowed us to create a sense of community with our customers.


We've heard time and time again how much of an impact we've made in people's lives, which is something we never expected. The meal delivery aspect of our company has truly been a blessing in disguise.


Nancy and I hope that our love for cooking and our passion for what we do is reflected in the meals we prepare and the hospitality we provide.


We want to leave our customers with full bellies and happy smiles.


Mike & Nancy


Knife & Nettles Catering COVID-19 Notice:

Whether we are catering at a venue or if it's our meals delivered to home, our customers' safety and enjoyment is always our top priority. We use gloves, KN95 masks, and a strict sanitizing routine to maintain optimal cleanliness. For more information, please contact us.

COVID-19 Notice
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